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How to use Recpic

This is A fun money management app

manage receipts

Scan & store photos of receipts automatically

Analyze consumption

Advanced tracking and analysis of your expenses / incomes

information for you

First-hand access to promotions, event info and financial products suggestions


Convenient tools to manage your account: Memo, Calculator, export data to pdf, etc.


Provide customized ad/coupon/info to purchase with less price

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Flexible options to take photo of receipts.
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After taking picture, user can check information in the receipt.
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Sort by Category, Pie Graph. Check your spending habits at a glance.
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Card SMS integration
(Only on Android)
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Input transaction information from bank to app.
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Integrate any cards in Korea.
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Comparative analysis of the average of certain groups (income, gender, age, address, occupation)
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Compare my spending habits monthly and become a wise consumer!
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Compare my spending habits by certain groups and find what to spend more or less.
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Provide tangible benefits by providing regional discount coupon/event info.
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Suggest ways of effective budget management by providing user optimized financial products.

How to use recpic

Step by step! Let’s learn how to use recpic with video


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